With 71 professional fights, Chauncy Welliver knows something about boxing. He also knows something about history and style as evidenced by his new BoxFit gym at 3023 Diamond in Hilliard, Washington, a suburb of Spokane. With a mouth as quick as his hands, Welliver is the pride of the city and well loved and respected by all. He and Joe Hipp remain the two most respected heavyweights in the northwest.

Welliver decided to move his gym, that uses many boxing training techniques to put people in shape, from his upper-class location in Spokane, to Hillyard, a hard luck location where kids grow up tough on the streets. Welliver, as a kid, learned to fight on these streets by taunting drunks emerging from local bars. He felt it was time to give back to Hillyard and the community that he loves.

The gym is presently undergoing a facelift from shabby lodge to classy fitness gym. The building, although tired, is pure class. Solid wooden floors offer non-skid protection against injury. The building is large and airy and able to be sectioned off for various events. A boxing ring sits in one section, heavy bags handing down like beards waiting to be punched. Overhead are arrays of gleaming chandeliers reminding people of bygone days. The kitchen will eventually offer food during events and a balcony overlooks the ring reminding people of the Blue horizon, one of the classic venues in boxing. A special feature is a room, complete with computer and fireplace, for relaxing or special events.

People should feel safe here since there is a police station across the street next to a tattoo parlor. A great Chinese restaurant serves heaps of food next door.

Welliver plans to hold boxing events in his new gym, starting with amateur shows. There are no better people than Welliver and his wife Sarah to bring joy and class to a community.

The ring

Classic lights


Kitchen being prepared for action

A room for relaxing

Talking to Spokane's greatestreporter Steve Christilaw

View from the balcony

Chauncy Welliver - still in the fight!!

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