Victor Morales is the kind of new boxer a promoter loves. He is young, moderately skilled, fast, good-looking, articulate, energetic, and loves boxing. Most promoters, who are primarily slick-talking businessmen, would love to sign him up, eat him up, and leave him in the street when they have squeezed every last coin from his veins. So goes the world of boxing.

At 4-0 Morales has made a decent showing with his start in the pro ranks. Not until a boxer starts fighting 6 and 8 rounders is much ever learned. Early fights for promising fighters are mostly exhibitions. Opponents can be discounted and the focus must be placed on the young man on the rise as if he were working out in the gym. So far, Morales looks good. Although he has yet to face an opponent with a winning record, several of them were decent opponents and Morales has looked impressive. One can expect that from a person who has been boxing since the age of seven and has an amateur record of 118–12 and who holds several titles.

At 19 he is still developing and has yet to grow into his power. “I don’t think in terms of power at the moment. I concentrate on speed. The speed will put an opponent down.”

He was unable to take out 0-3 Christopher Wheaton, from Midland, Texas, on the Brawl at Harmony Hall 3 event, in Lacey, Washington. But Wheaton had a pretty decent chin and was a much tougher opponent then his record indicated. What Morales did was overwhelm Wheaton with a tornado of punches. He was also able to punch non-stop for the entire 4 rounds without tiring. Oh to be young!

Morales turned pro in August 2016 on the Robert Guerrero – David Peralta undercard. Morales scored a, impressive unanimous decision over Erick Lainez, in spite of faulty gloves. It is the faulty gloves that are the problem.

There is a steep learning curve from amateur boxing to professional boxing. This transition is not just with the boxer. Morales is a smart young man and he will do fine inside the ring. The danger comes from the circling snakes outside the ring, the slithering creature with faulty gloves, false promises, and phony deals. If his people guide him through the swamp of carnivores and let him concentrate on attaining his goals of “chasing titles and fighting anyone anywhere,” he will move through the ranks. In any case, he is a man to be watched and he already understands fans want excitement and he is ready to deliver.

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