Jesus Cuellar 25-1, 19KO       Featherweight          Ruben Tamayo 23-4, 15KO

The WBA Featherweight Interim Championship was up for grabs December 20 at Little Creek Casino in Shelton when Jesus Cuellar faced Ruben Tamayo in a classic Showtime card by Goossen Promotions. Tamayo was very slow for a little man, too slow compared to Cuellar who put him down three times before the bout was stopped by TKO at 1:48 of round 5.

Gary Russell 24-1, 14KO     Featherweight         Christopher Martin 28-4-3, 9KO

Gary Russell took a unanimous decision from Christopher Martin. Martin, totally outclassed, proved to be cube steak not beef steak. He occasionally ordered out for a punch that always arrived late and cold. His only claim to fame was his ability to stand around and let Russell pound on him. Russell looked plenty fast and skilled. What he lacked was an opponent.

Julian Williams 17-0-1, 10KO  Super Welterweight    Jamar Freeman 13-3-2, 6KO

Julian Harrison decided to make it a short night in his WBC Continental All Americas championship bout against  Jamar Freeman. What is a Continental All Americas belt? Who knows? – Who cares? The number of boxing championship belts in the world today number about 17,000, give or take a thousand. They mean nothing except to the boxers fighting for one. What fans want to see is a fight. They did not get much in this snooze fest. Freeman went down twice in the 7th. The bout was stopped at :29 in the 8th with Williams the winner.

Julius Jackson 17-0-1, 10KO Super Middleweight     Jonathan Nelson 20-1, 10KO

The 10 round bout exploded in round 6 with both men battling and refusing to give ground. Nelson went down in rounds 1 and 4 but continued to fight. He started to fade late in the fight and Jackson finally put him to rest at :28 of round 9.

Fabian Maidana 3-0, 2KO    Welterweight      Omar Avelar 1-11, 2KO

Maidana made quick work of Omar Avelar stopping Avelar at :57 of round 2. Avalar fell twice in round 1. The referee decided to save his live in round 2 and called the fight.


Tony Harrison 10-0, 15KO   Middleweight    Tyrone Brunson 22-3-1, 21KO

What can be said about a bout that lasted just 1:02 of the first round. Tyrone Brunson lasted just long enough to step to the center of the ring and fall at the hands of Harrison.

Dominic Wade 16-0, 11KO Super Middleweight   Eddie Hunter 10-11-2, 3KO

Eddie Hunter, from Seattle, received the biggest applause of the night. Hunter is an explosive, if erratic, fighter. He fights on heart alone. Dominic Wade put him down three times in the short bout. Hunter claimed the blows were low. His testicals were knocked to the matt so often they looked like they were wearing shoelace bowties. The fight was stopped at 2:08 of round 2.

Yasmany Consuegra 15-0, 13KO Heavyweight   Byron Polley 26-17-1, 12KO

Byron “Rolly” Polley did not last the first round in his bout with the Cuban Consuegra. After catching several blows this potato bug curled up on the matt and called it quits.

Miguel Flores 13-0, 7KO Super Featherweight   Jose Tapita Araiza 34-9-1, 25KO


Velasquez and Araiza decided to actually have a fight, one that pleased the crowd. In one of the best matched bouts of the night, the two battled the entire fight before Valesques too the unanimous decision



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