Mike Wilson (16-0 7KO) vs Ernest Reyna (8-3 4KO)


Mike Wilson continues his march up the ladder with his defeat over Ernest Reyna. Wilson, together with his promoter wife Jenifer, are in a great battle to return boxing to Oregon. With such professional events they are slowly winning the battle. Little can be learned from a boxer until he has had at least 10 bouts, half against opponents with winning records. Wilson fights no tomato cans. Most of his fights have come by way of boxers with winning records. He does not shy away from anyone. Reyna is a tough opponent. With 4 knockouts in his 8 wins he can also hit. Unfortunately he could not hit hard enough as Wilson dropped him to the canvas. He managed to rise, but not for long, as Wilson put him to sleep. Each of the Oregon shows gets better. Look foir the next one in September

Carlos Villanueva (2-0) vs Alberto Rivas (2-0)


It was Washington verses Oregon as Villanueva, whose two wins have come at the Emerald Queen Casino in Washington, faced off against Rivas whose two wins have been at the Jackson County Expo center in Oregon. Both fighters started cautiously. Villanueva refused to throw punches. Action started up in the 3rd round. Rivas managed to take the decision. 

Fatlum Zhuta (3-0-1) vs Rafael Valencia (3-6-1)

Zhuta, from Anchorage, Alaska, has spent his last four fights in Rhode Island. He remained unbeaten when he stepped into the ring against Valencia who has done most of his banging in Oregon. Valencia was determined not accept another loss. The first rounds were slow with only brief moments of action. They both decided to fight in the last rounds. Zhuta took a close split decision.

Josh Solis (0-2) vs Ricky Gallegos (6-5-1)

With all the boxing skills of two wingless bumblebees, these two jumped about the ring throwing punches that often started in Montana before landing in the ring. For fans interested in two men pounding one another, this was their fight. No skill - just punches. No, that's wrong. Gallegos may have some skills but he was unable to use it against the human pinwheel, Solis. Solis gave everything he had before looking for the exit. The exit sign wan on the canvas as Gallegos walked away with the KO win.


Victor Morales (4-0) vs Corben Page (5-13-1)


No one boxing in the northwest has more backing than Victor Morales Jr. Posters, t-shirts, hoodies, and photographs appear everywhere. He has a great PR team behind him. He trains hard. He wants to fight. What he has yet to do is to fight anyone credible, anyone with a winning record. Until several days before the fight he still had no opponent. That is not uncommon in boxing but it can also mean that his opponents are too carefully selected, something also not uncommon in boxing, especially when attempting to build a record. Corbin Page, with 1 win in his last 13 fights, finally agreed to make an appearance. To his credit Page’s win was over tough Rob Diezel, a 9-5 credible opponent, and 5 of the other opponents were against fighters with winning records. Morales appears to have decent skills. What he needs now is a credible opponent before he starts down the path of becoming another Caesar Chavez Jr. - all smoke and no fire. Of course Canelo Alvarez did not fight anyone with a winning record until his 13th fight, so, who knows? - it's boxing. Morales is a pleasure to watch regardless of who he fights. His PR shots are also worth viewing.

At 5-13-1 Page was not supposed to win. He did not disappoint. He lost admirably. He is what is called in boxing a "professional opponent": tough, determined, refuses to quit, and usually loses in a decent fight. Of course, Morales jr. won. A step up might be a fight with Diezel. Page beat him but he might put up a stiffer fight against Moraless.

Elvis Garcia (0-2) vs DJ Linderman (2-2)

Garcia refused to return home with another loss. He was out for blood as he put Linderman down. Linderman managed to rise but Garcia was on him. The referee stopped the fight. Garcia won by TKO. Linderman left with a few more gray hairs in hisbeard.


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