In this section we select new boxers who seem to show the most promise in the area. Most of them have yet to have a telling fight but their technique is evident. They are listed in alphabetical order so if their name is not Aaron Aardvark, do not worry where they appear.

Patrick Ferguson

Ferguson is the hardest puncher in the bunch. With 8 wins against limited opposition, all by knockout, he recently attempted to take the next step up to better opposition but, the day of the fight, his opponent backed out due to a weight dispute. Ferguson is a flat-footed straight-ahead plodder, which is where he gets his strength. He recently knocked down James Toney in an exhibition fight. Toney was not happy.

Mike Gavronski

Gavronski consistantly faces the stiffest opponents, with the possible exception of Mike Wilson, in the group. Against lesser opponents he carries a decent punch. That punch fades with stiffer opposition and firmer chins. He is a wade-in brawler with decent whiskers. He does not lack for guts. He once broke his jaw in 4 places in the 2nd round and continue to fight until knocking out his opponent in the 8th. He remains the most popular fighter in the Northwest and is a favorite headliner at the Emerald Queen Casino.

Victor Morales Jr.

Morales is a beauty to watch. He is possibly the most rounded fighter in the bunch. Every punch he throws is picture perfect - and he throws a lot of them. He has to because he lacks power. That is not a hinderance. Many of the great champions had no punch. It only means they must fight for their wins and never get an early night. He is young and the power may eventually come. He has the most perfect body shot I have ever seen.

Stephen Villalobos

Villalobos, like Morales, is also a fighter with great skills. He is, however, much more aggressive. He seldom takes a backward step and is all action. He attempts to take out opponents as quickly as possible. He is fast and slick.

Marquise Weston

Weston is the most improved fighter in the bunch. He improves with each fight - better skills, better power. He also continues to take on better opponents and avoids tomato cans just to build his record. He is so tall, finding an opponent of equal height is difficult and often has to punch down. His balance has improved and, because he fights better opponents, he is improving more quickly than many fighters.

Mike Wilson

Wilson is unique in the Northwest. He seldom ventures far from Medford, Oregon. He stages his fights in town where he often sells out the venue. His opponents are highly rated which makes for good and exciting fights. His fighting style can be difficult to describe since it seems to be his own: very aggressive, very powerful, tons of hard punches, a bit rough an tumble.

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