July 27, 2017

Hays, Montana 

Boxing and Bulls Outdoor Grounds

Ferguson vows to turn Zoltan Petranyi into Hungarian Goulash! 

You don’t mess with the Zoltan – unless you are Patrick Ferguson. Ferguson has just signed to fight 5 times Hungarian Heavyweight champion and former UBO Heavyweight champion Zoltan Petranyi.  With a record of 55 – 22 with 18 KOs, Petranyi is a real fighter and a worthy step for Ferguson. Yes, at 51, Petranyi is old enough to need a walker and might even be incontinent, but he is still in there swinging. His last 4 fights have been wins against decent opponents with winning records. He ducks no one. He suffered a KO loss to Shannon Brigs in 2015 but had 15 wins prior that against the best Europe had to offer.


This fight is a big step up for the bull-busting power-puncher Ferguson whose 7 wins have all come by knockout. Ferguson is a quiet man who talks with his fists. He is all fighter and is happiest in the ring. He is in the mix with the top cruiserweight boxers in the Northwest including Marquise Weston, Eric Hempstead, and Mike Wilson. These men will eventually have to sort out the top fist by stepping into the ring against each other. Except for Wilson, the others have been building their records and learning the trade. Wilson has already built his record. This fight will move Ferguson ahead shows his determination to separate from the pack.

Petranyi is at the end of his career and plans on going out with a bang - a bang against Ferguson. He recently talked about the fight while training in Hungary. He will be making a sweep through the United States in a farewell tour. The highlight of that tour will be a win against the upstart, Ferguson. Petranyi appears to be in great shape, for a man of his age. He has never been out of the ring during his career as his 77 fights prove. He likes to fight. So does Ferguson. What could be better?

The fight will take place in Hays, Montana, in the outdoor Boxing and Bulls Outdoor Grounds. Boxing has a reputation in Montana, not always good. The heavyweight fight in Shelby bankrupted the town. There is no town at this event, just the wide open plains of buffalo country, plenty of room for swing, plenty of room for blood, plenty of room for knockouts.

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