It was another great night of boxing at the Emerald Queen Casino and Battle of the Boat 103 as local favorite Mike Gavronski (20-2-1 13KO) went head-to-head with Dashon Johnson (18018-3 6KO) for the NABA Super Middleweight title.

An enthusiastic sell-out crowd of rough brutes, muscled bodies, bent noses, jagged faces, and tattoo covered skin, (and those were just the women) waited through the preliminaries for the anticipated match-up as their home town boy continued to work his way up the ladder in the boxing ranks. This win would have put Gavronski in the top 10 world rankings – WOULD HAVE. Unfortunately life is never what people expect.

The fight was a re-match for Johnson. Rematches are always dangerous and many managers of winning fighters will not accept one. The losing fighter has something to prove and often fights with a vengeance and exuberance not exhibited in the first fight. He also has time to study what he did wrong and makes corrections. Enter Dashon Johnson, who did all of that. Since the first fight his confidence has also risen by winning a minor belt. Of course the biggest advantage for him is in training at Freddy Roach’s “Wild Card Gym” in California and sparring with Manny Pacquiao. The new skill and energy was evident from the start with his confident stalking style as he waited for his chance to strike. Gavronski has never been in shape for longer fights and is gassed after the 5th or 6th round.

Gavronski started the fight well and won the first few rounds using jabs and working from the outside but seemed to tire more quickly than usual and looked very awkward as if something was on his mind other than the fight. He might have won the fight by jabs alone or by working from the outside.Johnson landed the harder and more accurate punches. Many of them looked more vicious than they were because Gavronski still sticks his chin out rather than keeping it tucked. Each round his hands continued to drop lower and lower making is face the perfect target. Although much taller than Johnson he started to lean over as if to offer his face. By the 5th round it was only a matter of time and Johnson dropped him in the 8th. Although he managed to rise and survive the remaining few seconds of the round, his corner refused to let him take any more punishment and would not let him answer the bell for the 9th.

In the opener Isaiah Nagera (2-1-0) scored a unanimous decision over Chris Wheaton (0-2-0). Both men refused to give ground. Wheaton was game but has few skills. With proper training he should do well in the future.

Everyone likes Daryl Gardner (2-7-1 2KO) if only for the noise he makes hitting the canvas. Fatlum Zhuta (1-0-1 1KO) liked the sound of that noise. At the opening bell Gardner forged ahead throwing haymakers before catching one and sounding something between a pound of dropped bread dough and a runaway hubcap when he landed on the canvass ending the fight. The entire 1:26 seconds was thrilling. Still, he always gives his best.

Jeremy McCleary (8-1-0) is starting to sit down as he develops his punch. His skills continue to develop as Heath Cline (0-6-0) learned in taking the unanimous loss. Look for McCleary to have his jaw break sometime in the future since he is unable to keep his mouth shut making it an inviting target.

Will Hughes (5-3-0 3KO) knocked Sean Gee (2-3-0) about enough to win a unanimous decision. In the first round Gee looked better than he had in any other fight – harder hitting, more accurate, and better movement. By round 2 whatever gas he had turned to diesel then plain sludge after that. Too bad; gas has not been this cheep in years.

The best fight of the night was between Isaac Tadeo (6-0-0 3KO) and Cameron Sevilla-Rivera (6-2-1 5KO). Both these men are promising prospects. Sevilla-Rivera has more boxing skills while Tadeo is the harder puncher. The edge Tadeo had in winning the unanimous decision was in conditioning. Sevilla-Rivera appeared to tired as the fight continued.

Poor conditioning loses more fights than any other reason. Gee, Sevilla-Rivera, and Gavronski are proof of that.

Isaiah Najera VS Chris Wheaton

Daryl Gardner VS Fatlum Zhuta

Heath Cline VS Jeremy McCleary

Will Hughes VS Sean GEE

Issac Tadeo VS Cameron Sevilla-Rivera

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