No boxer likes to hear the fans shout "FIX! FIX! FIX!" Yet that is just happened after the main event between heavyweights Amir Mansour (22-2-0 16 KOs) and Gerald Washington (17-0-0 12 KOs). Washington did his French Military impression by retreating the entire bout. Apparently no one ever told him he had to throw punches to win a fight. That might be true but he did not have to throw any to earn a draw and the crowd was up in arms and ready for war with, what they thought, was one of the most unfair decisions they had ever witnessed. Mansour never took a backward step as he stalked Washington and relentlessly landed hard and unanswered shots. Even before the fight he suspected he would not get a decision regardless of what he did. He was right. Who ever said boxing is fair? Certainly not the crowd who claimed they are fed up with ridiculous decisions and are switching to MMA. No one can blame them. They came to see a fight, not a track meet.

For a real fight local hero Mike Gavronski (20-1-1 13KOs) accepted a bout on short notice against Jamie Campbell (11-9-0 8 KOs) Gavronski put him away in Round 2 on his way for the NABA title at the Emerald Queen casino in Tacoma, WA on November 7th.

Leo Hall (8-0-0- 7 KOs)never broke a sweat as he put away Ricardo Campillo (9-9-1 7KOs) at 2:01 of round 1.

Michael Hunter (10-0-0 7 KO's) seemed to enjoy himself as he destroyed Jason Douglas (11-6-0 4 KOs) in the 4th round. Douglas was game the entire fight even after being knocked down numerous times. Like a teenage boy at the prom, he continued to rise. The referee stepped in to save his life.

In the best fight of the night Ahmed Elbiali (14-1-0 11 KOs) had to fight every minute to take a unanimous decision from tough Mariano Hilario (12-4-0 5KOs) The very skilled Hilario simply ran out of gas. Elbialy is someone to watch: tough, in shape, loads of skill, a clear head, and he does not own a pair of track shoes.



Gavronski VS Campbell

Camptllo vs Hall 

Douglas VS Hunter 

Hilario VS Elbiali 


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