House of Fury presents fights honoring the great Moe Smith


Rumor has it that the main event between Patrick Ferguson (10-0-1) and Mario Munoz (12- 4- 1) will be a total slugfest. With 10 knockouts under his belt, 4 against opponents with winning records, Ferguson has been slowly establishing himself as one of the top cruiserweight contenders in the Northwest. The only blemish on his record, if it can be considered a blemish, was his draw against 12-0-0 Abraham Tabul for the WBO Africa Cruiserweight title in Africa. If he gets through Munoz, a rematch with Tabul is in the works.

Munoz has something to prove. A win over Ferguson will put him back in the picture. He is a no-nonsense banger who only moves in one direction - forward. His last fight was a KO against tough Jim Franklin that has put him back on track.                  

He has a chin of granite and has never been knocked out. He walks through punches like an icebreaker ploughs through the Artic. He leaves a wake of destruction everywhere he moves: teeth here, broken noses there, fractured jaws elsewhere, and cuts and bruises everywhere. He is so feared that finding opponents is difficult. A call from him sends them scrambling to hide out behind the sofa or to pack their bags hoping to find a fight in backwoods Vermont against midgets or maple syrup candied figures.

Kansas is his home where evil winds bend prairie grasses into the soil and cattle drives once deposited their loads of meat as cowhands ripped apart towns and could only be tamed by the likes of Wyatt Earp and Wile Bill Hickok, both rank amateurs in the fight game as compared to Munez. When Munez says there are no guns allowed in town, he means none but his two .44 magnums. He likes a fight and he comes to fight.

He plans on walking over Ferguson as he would a piece of chewed gum. A bit of the gum might cling to his shoe, but that is easily scraped off as he continues to rise in the ranks leaving Ferguson stuck on the pavement, chewed, beaten, and unable to move.

Of course all this is rumor and speculation by people who claim to be proficient boxing gurus. The proof is always in the ring. If he is anything like the talk that hovers about him, even by a small percentage, he will give Ferguson, if not a beating, at least a punch in the nose. Thursday, March 1st, at the Coeur d’Alene Casino, all will be reveled.


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