Undefeated Megan Lopez uses Machinaboxing boxinggear for her knockout shows.

Patrick Ferguson on the rise.

Is Patrick Ferguson the real deal? Heavyweight Chauncy Welliver thinks so. Welliver claims Ferguson is the most exciting fighter in the northwest. Such praise is not uncommon for anyone managing a fighter. Time-and-time again, managers come to their senses after their fighters have racked up 11 or 12 consecutive loses and they realize that maybe their expectations were a bit premature. Welliver is sure of Ferguson and, with his history, he should know.

Ferguson turned pro After 16 amateur fights. At 25 years old he felt the choice was the correct one. Boxing was an unusual choice for Ferguson who has never considered himself athletic. Except for tossing the shot put in high school, he never turned out for any other sports.

As with most serious fighters, the training has been gruesome. Not only does he workout five times a week, he also cares for a sick mother. She has recently been released from the hospital after one of several stays. The biggest difficulty he has is in finding sparring partners. Quality partners are difficult to find in Spokane. He was forced to enter one fight without any previous sparring. He even had difficulty finding a sparring partner during a recent trip to Las Vegas. There simply are not as many people entering the sport as previously and the sport tends to rise and fall as quickly as the ball on a flyback paddle.

He plans to fight mostly in the northwest to perfect his skills. Those skills are coming along nicely. With his recent knockout victory over Justin Malani he now holds a record of 3 wins, all by knockout. That might not seem like many victories, but it has been enough to please Welliver.

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