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Virgil Green (11-5-0, 4KOs) looked at the top of his game in his unanimous decision loss to Jonathan Chicas (15-2-0, 7KOs) in the main event of Battle of the Boat 106 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Washington. His hands are as fast as flyswatters and every effective against flies. Unfortunately Chicas is no fly. Green has never had heavy hands; if he did he would have at least put Chicas down in several rounds. Hill hammered him in the early rounds and landed a nice right in round 6 but almost went down   in round 7 from a Chicas right. Hill took the early rounds as Chicas had difficulty getting through Hill’s long arms. Chicas took the later rounds. By the look of Chicas’ face one might have thought he was severely beaten. It carried more blood than the Tacoma Plasma center and the doctor was called in to check his pulse. There was no shame in Hill’s loss and the crowd was much disappointed in the decision. Heavy hands can seldom be developed. They are an act of genetics and a fighter without one is always at a disadvantage and must fight twice as hard as his opponent to score a victory. 99% just won’t do.

Tommy Turner (5-6-0, 4KOs) took a bite of the canvass in round 1 and didn’t like the taste. This is a man with heavy hands and he jumped back up to swarm over Isaac Tadeo (7-0-0, 4KOs.) In spite of Turner’s efforts, Tadeo put him away in round 2. Turner just could not overcome Tadeo’s 10 pound weight advantage. Did I say 10 pounds? Yes. Tadeo stepped on the scales 10 pounds overweight. One can only ask the question: if a fighter can enter a fight 10 pounds overweight, why have any weight divisions? And if the commission let’s a fight continue with such an advantage, why have a commission?

In the most even match of the night, Andreas Reyes (4-1-1) went nose to nose against Marco Cardenas (5-5-1, 2KOs) for a draw. Both men refused to quit. Both men threw constant punches. Both men never lost heart. Both men should fight again. Let’s have a rematch and have it as soon as possible.

With only one pro fight, Giovanni Cabrera (1-0-0, 1KO) beat local favorite Jeremy McCleary (8-3-0, 2KOs) down to corpuscle in a dramatic win. McCleary never showed more heart than he did in this fight. Cabrera put him down in round 1 but McCleary refused to stay there. He fought with heart and determination but it was not enough to overcome the superiority of Cabrara’s skills. Although Cabrera is new to the pro circuit his armature record is 39-3 and he won the Nationals. Rumor has it that he has been perfecting his skills in Mexico under the name Tijuana Tim.    

Tacoma favorite Will Hughes (5-5-0, 3KOs) took a tough loss from Antonio Neal (4-5-0, 3KOs.) Will, like a character from Finding Nemo, fought with his mouth open the entire night. Why his jaw was not broken is a wonder. Tough fight for tough men.

Damian Savino (0-1-0) lost in the first round to Will Marshall. ((1-1-0, 1 KO)


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