Mike Gavronski Earns Stunning Victory over Gerardo Ibarra


The sold-out boxing crowd at the Emerald Queen Casino rocketed to its feet with the victory of middleweight Mike Gavronski’s unanimous decision over Gerardo Ibarra in Brian Halquist’s “Battle of the Boat 98. Tacoma has a long history of producing championship quality boxers from Sugar Ray Seals to Rocky Lockridge. Mike Gavronski is no exception. After suffering his first defeat on an ESPN televised bout at Shelton’s Little Creek Casino July 11th, Gavronski (15–1- 1, 10 KO) returned to the ring with both fists burning, November 15, at the Emerald Queen Casino, as he scored a unanimous decision over Gerardo Ibarra (14-2-0, 8 KO) in one of the best local fight cards seen in years.

Gavronski, refuses to discuss his one loss. He won the first three rounds but then appeared to lose centration and seemed to tire. Perhaps it was stage freight. Like Roberto Duran’s “No Mass” fans will never know. The past does not concern him, only the future, a future in which his fight name, “Imagine” contains a long line of victories. That loss was nowhere in evidence Saturday night except to appear as vengeance as hard and furious punches landed on the face of Ibarra.

Many fighters, after a defeat, are offered an opponent made of mush to help build their confidence. Gavronski is not like most fighters. Along with trainer and manager Sam Ditusa, he wanted the toughest opponent he could get. Geraldo Ibarra, who entered the fight with an almost identical record, refused to take a backward step and did not disappoint. He was in the fight from the beginning and landed some vicious shots on Gavronski that would have put down even the best boxers. At times his punches appeared harder than Gavronski’s but Gavronski landed more giving him the hard-fought victory. Hard punches do not bother Gavronski and he eats them like grapes, crunchy and straight off the vine.

Brian Halquist Productions staged his very popular 98th boxing event at the Emerald Queen Casino, with Gavronski as the main attraction. Gavronski, an enormously popular boxer, pulls in fans from around the state eager to watch his rise in the professional ranks.

Newly hired matchmaker, Andy Nance, from Vallejo, California, made an effort to book mostly Washington and Northwest fighters rather than unknowns from out of state as Cameron Sevilla-Rivera, from Spanaway, lost by TKO to Aubrey Morrow, from Canada; Adam Querido, from Vancouver, BC, won by TKO over Mickey White, from Wenatchee; Will Hughes, from Tacoma, beat Marcelino Pineda, from Grandview, by decision; Daryl Gardner, from Spokane, lost to David Robinson; and Benny Vinson, from Oregon, won by TKO over and Jeff Hatton, from Aberdeen.

There was not a bad fight on the card and all bouts featured non-stop action. But it was Gavronski who sent the crowd into the clouds, including a large portion of soldiers from JBLM. Gavronski, soft-spoken and always generous and considerate, was swarmed by fans and had difficulty returning to his dressing room.

What lies in the future for Gavronski after this stunning and venomous victory? One can only imagine.

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