October 28, 2017

Kalispell, Montana 

Patrick Ferguson prepares to fight 47-19 32KOs Damon Reed

 Patrick Ferguson puts his unbeaten record on the line against 47-19 Damon Reed in Kalispel Montana October 28th. Ferguson is not one to take his time in any fight. He goes in, gets the job done, and goes home as proof of his 9-0 record, all knockouts within 3 rounds. Damon Reed will be is toughest challenge.

Reed has fought Thomas Hansvoll for the WBO Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Championship, Beaten Jason Dietrich for both the USA Mid-American and Midwest titles, and went against Herbie Hide for the WBO Heavyweight title. Not bad for a fighter who has often hit the ground floor button on the elevator. He lost to Hansvol and Hide, but not without distinction. He holds the record for being knocked out faster than any other heavyweight in history- 56 seconds of the 1st round. (Many people thought he slipped and forgot to get up.) Any time you are first at anything you must be doing something right.

He has won two of his last four fights, both against boxers with winning records, which still makes him a viable candidate. The fight could be a tough one for Ferguson. With 32 knock outs, Reed is still dangerous.

One thing for Ferguson, he never takes a fight lightly. He likes to fight as often as he can although, with his record and growing reputation, opponents are becoming scarce. He hopes to fight one or two more fights before the year’s end.


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