Mike Gavronski 14-1-1, 10KOs     VS           Tureano Johnson 15-1-0, 10KOs

Tacoma’s Middleweight Mike Gavronski (14-1-1, 10 KO’s ) was itching for a fight and he got one against Tureano Johnson (15-1-0, 10KOs) from Nassau, Bahamas during the main event for ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, July 11 at Little Creek Casino, in Shelton. The victory Gavronski sought  proved elusive. Gavronski is all guts and is rapidly becoming the area’s most popular fighter. Local fans still have faith in him.

Earlier this year he battled Tristan Todd in what has been considered the greatest fight in recent Washington history. Todd broke Gavronski’s jaw in two places in the first round. Gavronski is all guts and although he did not remember much of the rest of the fight, he continued to take the fight to Todd eventually knocking him into a coma in the last round. Doctors removed part of Todd’s skull to allow room for his swelling brain. Fortunately he survived.

A fighter often changes after killing someone in the ring, or almost killing him. Ray Mancini was never the same after killing Kim. Gavronski said the near fatality has had no effect on him. Fighters tend to die a little during each fight, anyway.

After that near fatal incident, fight fans wondered if Gavronski still carried that killer instinct. His success as a fighter lies with his heart, not his skill. He is from the school of Jake Lamotta, Jack Dempsey, and Gene Fulmer; not Gene Tunny, Benny Leonard, and Sugar Ray Robinson. Any fan concerns were unfounded.

Gavronski entered the fight with everything against him: with one 8 round exception he had never gone past 6; he has had less than 50 amateur fights while Johnson, a former Olympian, had almost 250; Gavronski mostly trains around Tacoms, Johnson in New York; and he had never fought a quality opponent while Johnson has fought many including his only loss, disputed TKO to Curtis Stevens.

Gavronski started the television bout well winning the first several rounds. Johnson was not dismayed and it was easy to see that he is a skilled and talented boxer who constantly moved ahead with determination. Gavronski fell into a terrible fight plan: fighting inside.  Johnson is a master inside, one of the best inside fighters to emerge in years.  Gavronski's pattern confused most of his fans. He constantly rested his head on Johnson's chest. Johnson battered Gavronski's head like a flyback. Whenever Gavronski stepped back he scored well. Then, every time he scored he moved back in and lost his advantage. Why he did not change the pattern is a mystery.

Gavronski was visibly tired by round 5 when the fight switched to Johnson's side. Gavronski, usually a decent body puncher, seemed content to shoot for only the head.

Near the end of the fight the doctor was called in. Gavronski was taking far too many punches but his heart is too big to quit. Although Gavronski lost, the score seemed much closer those given by the judges.

When a local fighter starts battling boxers from New York, California, and Nevada, the fight game starts to rise to a completely different level. These guys have ring wars with top prospects and champions every day in the gum.

This was Gavronski's first step up in opponents and it was a big step and possibly an eye-opener. The fight was not a total loss. Gavronski showed his heart on national television and proved he has no quit in him. He staged an entertaining fight against a quality opponent and his performance should bring him more television exposure. If he is not discouraged, and he won't be, he will learn from the fight and be a better fighter because of it.

Johnson looked extremely good and could have beaten anyone on this night. Look for him to continue his rise. He isn't playing games.

Art Hovhannisyan 17-2-2, 9KOs VS Johnathan Maicelo 18-1, 11 KOs

It was a tough and wild ride for both Art Hovhannisyan and Jonathan Zhuta as they battled for the WBC International Lightweight Silver Title at Little Creek Casino, in Shelton, Washington.

Hovhannisyan looked like the tough Eastern European he is and fought like it. A bulldog he constantly came ahead and threw the harder punches, many of which landed. There is a price for moving ahead if your defense is weak. He ate a nice meal of rights and lefts. The skills of tough guys are especially effective if their opponents can be intimidated. Maicelo was not intimidated.

Maicelo, the prettier of the two boxers in both looks and movement, continued to land clean punches. He tended to waltz around the ring while Hovhannisyan marched. The two exchanged a flurry of punches in round 5 as both battled back and forth. 

Because the score depended on the judges - those liking punchers and those liking boxers - judges were split in their decision, one preferring Hovhannisyn because the felt he had done the most damage, the other two giving the win to Maicelo.


Marquise Weston 3-0, 1KO VS Jared Torgeson 0-2

Torgeson had all the skill, speed, and smoke of a Mack Truck in his defeat to Marquise Weston. Weston did not want to take this fight but it was the only one available and he wanted to return to the ring after a surgery for a torn tricep. Torgeson is another MMA guy who, like most of them, think one needs neither skill not intellegence to box. He had the guts to show he could be beaten half to death for four rounds. Next time he should wear a sign around his neck that says "Hit Me" and just stand there. That is not belittle him and he showed a spine of iron. He seems like a decent fellow, out for a good time and a few extra bucks, and not many men have the guts to step into the ring, especially to stand with a fighter of Weston's ability. Weston has a lot of skill and is serious about making a mark in the ring. It shows with his conditioning and determination. In three pro fights he has always come into the ring in excellent shape, even when he hasn't had to. Maybe in his next fight he will have an opponent worthy of it. Good opponents build good fighters.

Ariel Beck 3-1-0 VS Jennifer Hamann 1-0

Ariel Beck has been whopping up on a lot of sheep out there in Deer lodge, Montana and she decided to put up, then wreck, her unbeaten record, to Jennifer Hamann. Beck went down in round 1 but came battling back using her entire lack of boxing skills to stay in the fight. Game women, both; Beck just needs a trainer who can help her. She's a tough gal, as is Hamann, who is learning the proper way surrounded with good people.

Guillermo Delgadillo 4-7-1         VS   Ricardo Maldonado   4-1

Maldonado showed his rising boxing skills in soundly defeating awkward Guillermo Delgadillo. Delgadillo said he recently quit his job to concentrate on boxing. I don't know how that's working for him but his decision might have been premature. Perhaps it is too soon to tell and might eventually work out. This loss moved his record to 4-8-1, hardly anything to catch the eye of the boxing public. This was the walk-out fight of the night although by this time there was no one left to walk out. Nothing is worse than fighting in an empty room and many people missed Maldonado, a decent fighter, on the rise.

Evan Woolsey 2-2         VS           Kenneth Sims Jr. 3-0, 2KO

 Sims won by TKO in the 2nd round due to cuts. Both men gave it their all and a cut is always disappointing since it proves nothing except the ability to bleed.

Sharif Johnson 0-0-1 VS Fatlum Zhuta 0-0-1

The fight ended in a majority draw. Too bad. Johnson, with the better skills, would have won had he spent more time in the gym rather than in front of the TV watching "Family Guy." These were both new guys in pro debuts and getting into the ring often comes as a shock. Gym shape and fighting shape are miles apart. A debut gives potential fighters a good chance to decide if increased effort is worth the trouble. A lack of conditioning causes more defeats than any opponent.

Lavale Wilson 1-4-0 VS Eduardo Martinez 3-0-0- 1KO

Martinez walks away with a Unanimous decision.

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