First Brian Halquist/Emerald Queen fight of the year filled with action

 After destroying local favorite Mike Gavronski by knockout in the last Brian Halquist Promotion at the Emerald Queen Casino, in Tacoma Washington, Dashon Johnson (19-18-3 6KO) took a majority decision from KO artist Izaak Cardona (14-4- 0 14KO) in the main event in the Queen’s first fight of the year. The first round was slow, only to discover, as the fight continued, it might have been the action round of the fight. Cardona had a nice straight left he used far too often. By round 3 both fighters managed to fight in spurts. Johnson fought a very smart fight, dodging in and bobbing out before Cardona could land anything accurate or hard. Cardona went down in round 5 and through the ropes in round 9, both by slips. By that time the crowd, those that could be awakened, was mostly on its feet – to walk out from the inactivity. Johnson took the majority decision, not because he did not attempt to make the fight but because Cardona was not interesting in participating having spent the rounds looking for one hard punch.

Lexus Pagampao (0-1-0) made his debut from Hawaii against Tacoma’s Andre Keys (1-0-0 1KO) Like most pro debut fight fights both fighters were anxious to show off their skills and supplied plenty of action for as long as the bout lasted. Papamapo started quickly but was slowed in round 2 from a hard Keys uppercut. Keys put him away at 2:29 of round 3.

Zach Cooper (3-1-2 2K0) took plenty of shots in round 1 from William Fernandez (0-4-0), none of which bothered him as he stuck to his game plan. Cooper has very good defensive skills and by round 2 he took over. After that it was all Cooper although Fernandez managed to land several good shots. Cooper managed to pull off the majority decision. Fernandez is a pretty decent fighter, unfortunately every one he fights is slightly better.

Nestor Hernandez (0-1-0) lost to Isaiah Najera (3-1-0 1KO) by TKO at 1:48 of round 4 in a fast and furious bout that saw Hernandez down in the 3rd.

Rob Diezel (9-7-0 3KO) made a brief appearance on the card before taking a swan dive in round 2 and onto the canvass from the punches of Marcello Gallardo (6-3-2 3KO) He managed to rise and backstroke a few feet but his corner decided to throw in the towel at 1:34 before he drowned completely.

The talk at ringside was that local favorite Jeremy McCleary (8-2-0) would not last his bout against Marco Cardenas (5-5-0 2KO) Seasoned fight fans, like those at the Queen, know a lot about fights and they knew a lot about this one. McCleary’s opponents must be very carefully selected. Occasionally he does have to fight someone who has actually spent time in the gym and in the ring. McCleary came out strong tossing tons of punches. One must be born with punching power; it cannot be learned. All the shots McCleary threw landed still born and Cardenas almost had a smile on his face as he walked through them. Once the joke wore off Cardenas put hi away at 1:34 of round 3. McCleary was hit so hard that he probably won’t regain his senses until next Thursday.

Dashon Johnson vs Izaak Cardona

Marco Cardenas vs Jeremy McCleary

Marcelo Gallardo vs Rob Diezel

Nestor Hernandez vs Isaiah Najera

Zach Cooper vs William Fernandez

Lexus Papampao vs Andre Keys


Brian Halquist Promotion Crew

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