Louis Rose (11-1-1 3KO) UD over Dashon Johnson (15-16-3 5KO)

In a non-stop action battle 10 rounder Rose and Johnson went toe-to-toe in a bout that had the crowd screaming. Johnson, entered the fight as the underdog but the feisty mongrel refused to leave without a fight. At times so many punches were thrown it seemed more like a sparring match than a fight. The men hugged and danced and fists flew. Rose, staggered on several occasions, fought back valiently and pushed Johnson onto the ropes as if in a waltz. Johnson laughed off the blows as if they did not hurt, had no effect, had no power, as if he were a man anxious to catch a plane. The two most skilled boxers on the card left the crowd begging for more fights. There always has to be a winner, even in a fight so close there should be none. On this night the big W went to Rose.  

Cole Milani (2-1-0 2KO) KOs Zach Marti (0-1-0) 2.57 in round 1

Jon Jackson (2-0-0) UD over Taki Uluilakepa (0-1-0)

Jeremy McCleary (5-0-0) UD over Benjamin Vinson (0-1-0)

Darryl Gardner (2-3-0 2KO) KOs Harrison Beavens (2-1-0 2KO) 1:37 round 3

Frankie Orr (1-1-0) UD over Dennis Hallman (0-1-0)

Cameron Sevilla-Rivera (5-0-0 4KO) UD over Dave Courchaine (2-5-0 2KO)

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