In any fight Terrance Crawford will not be denied. Fighting is not a game with him, but a deadly serious business. Apparently he takes it more seriously than Horn who came in overweight - a disgrace for any champion. Sure, it wasn’t much, just a pound. Apparently he was wearing half-pound underwear since he dropped to a half pound over after shedding them. So, Horn couldn’t step on a scale that morning and shed a half pound before a late afternoon weigh-in?

The fight was as expected. Horn has few skills other than heart and guts. He used them to his best advantage but was totally outclassed by the boxing skills of Crawford. It was only a matter of time before put him away by TKO at 2:43 of round 9.

Antonio Moran (23-2-0) Jose Pedraza (23-1-0)

WBO Latino Lightweight TITLE

If anything can be said about this bout it is that both fighters fought like champions. Moran’s toughest wins to date were against Jose Rodriquez (34-12-0) and Richard Zamora (14-1-0) while Pedraza had beaten Jose Rodriquez (23-11-0) and the once rising star Edner Cherry (34-6-2) Moran suffered a cut early on which bothered him throughout the fight. Pedraza eventually collected a hard-fought win.

David Kaminsky (1-0-0 ) VS Trevor Lavin (1-0-0 )

Lavin looked like a rolly-polly bug contining to curl up to avoid punches as Kaminsky totally outclassed him. Kaminsky decided to go home early and put Laven away at 1:12 of round 2.

Steven Nelson (10-0-0) VS DeShon Webster (10-1-1)

The biggest problem with these two fighters is they mostly threw single shots. Combinations are the way to win any fight. In round 2 they mostly held. Also a difficult way to win. Nelson started to open up in the 3rd. Webster went down in the 5th and out at .56 by TKO in the 6th.

Maxim Dadashev (10-0-0) VS Darleys Perez (33-3-2)

NABF Super Lightweight & USBA Super Lightweight Title

Dadashev landed his spot on the card by beating Abdiel Ramirez (23-2-0) while Perez has not been quite so lucky. His best fights have been a draw against 21-2-0 Maurice Hooker and a loss to Anthony Corrola. The fight  was slow and calculating. Dadashev is a stand-tall fighter with a good left jab in the European style who won the fight by TKO.

Shakur Stevenson (6-0-0) VS Aelio Mesquita (16-1-1)

All of Shakur Stevenson’s wins have come against fighters with winning records. Mesquita has also fought worthy opponents. A good tough fight was expected. Stevenson, all smiles, struck first and put away Mesquita at 1:42 of round 2.

Gabriel Flores Jr (7 0 0) VS Jorge Rojas (4-3-1)

Florez was slick and fast, Rojas slow and plodding. Flores won by UD.

Jose Benavidez (26-0-0) VS Frank Rojas (22-0-0)

No one expected much from KO artist Rojas. All of his 21 KOs have been against South American street urchins, one-legged grandmothers, and opponents like 2-24-1 Enrique Rivera and 0-11-1 Gabriel Bracho. The crowd was not surprised as Jose Benavidez, who has beaten 24-5-0 Matthew Strode, 24-4-1 Franscisco Santana, and 38-5-2 Jorge Paez, jr. pounded the defenseless Rojas into submission. Rojas had never faced anyone who hit back and getting constantly tagged came as a complete surprise. He decided to call it quits early by going down at 1:24 of round 1 without actually being hit.

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