October 15, Clearwater Casino, in Idaho, is back in the boxing business. They have always done a great job in promoting events, and this one should be no different.

A great evening of local favorites are presently on the card including Spokane’s Pat Fergison, in his first 8 round bout, will fight for the Northwest Boxing Association cruiserweight title.

Austin Arnett will switch from UFC to take on Eric Mafnas. Roland Johnson, trained by former champion Mike “The Bodysnatcher” McCallum, steps in against Leo Bercier.

Lyle Johnson is also on the card and Sean Quinnett will battle it out against Mark Coats. In an all native showdown Laramie Scott faces the more experienced Merle SiJohn and long time favorite Marcelino Pineda goes one-on-one with Randel Corpuz.

Other surprises await boxing fans in what may be one the best shows in the northwest this year. If all goes well several events will be scheduled at the casino in the future.

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