Harmony Hall, Lacey, Washington. Another NWB boxing event. The venue is small and intimate, the way boxing once was. Opinions and advice fly about the room like artillery over Khe Sanh. A cornucopia of fighters representing America wait in crowded dressing rooms to step into the ring. Few of them are delusional enough to think they will become champions, although some of them might. Who knows why they fight? Maybe to pick up extra cash, or to impress their friends, or because they enjoy fighting - one man against another with no excuses. They range from illiterate high school dropouts to university educated. Tattoos often cover inadequacies or act as billboards announcing feats of manhood. They all possess one thing most men no longer possess: guts. Even the worst boxer has guts in buckets. Every time they step into the ring their health is on the line.

The tingle of anticipation fills the room. Hot dogs, beer, and pop flow from the halls. And the women! Long slinky creatures thick with make-up and nylons. Beautiful women have always been attracted to ugly fighters thinking flat noses only betters the gene pool. Unlike most boxing events, this venue admits children. They mostly attend for the popcorn and would rather be here than with a babysitter or home alone.

Ring girls stagger into the room as if they have just awakened from a naked dream and are surprised they are wearing anything. Together they gather the numbered ring cards and, with difficulty, try to place them in order. They anticipate their moment of glory and try to remember they have only one minute to traverse the ring, holding the card high to an attention-less crowd void of movie directors or talent scouts.

In the back doctors do last minute checks They will perform another check at the end of the fights to insure every boxer is properly stitched up and still carries a pulse and a blood pressure somewhere between distilled water and a 747 airplane tire. Officials dressed in stiff government self-importance gather at ringside and shuffle papers like UN treaties. A referee feeds his belly through the ropes. The ring announcer raises one arm and blathers something incoherent into the microphone. Let the fights begin.

Marquice Weston by TKO 2:34 round 1 over Jessee West

John Peak by KO 2:18 round 1 over Justin Chappell
Patrick Ferguson by TKO round 1 over Justin Davis
Eduardo Torres by UD over Bricen Vasques
Victor Morales bu UD over Christopher Wheaton
Jonathan Arias by UD over Alex Eastman
Steven Villalobos by TKO 2:25 round 1 over Eric Cronkhite
Ramel Sneguar majority draw vs Kevin Torres
Richard Vansiclan UD over Jose Galindo
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