Boxer, trainer, promoter, entrepreneur Bob Jarvis is back in the gym with a vengeance. People in the boxing world have wondered where he has been for the last 8 years. “Just taking a break,” he said, although he occasionally worked with amateurs during that time.

Jarvis is remarkable in the boxing world, a man with many talents. Few people know that he was a running back for the University of Seattle and a boxer on the rise with a 10-3-0 record and 8 knockouts. Combining both brains and athletic ability his physical prowesses were cut short in a construction accident that took both his legs and one arm. Most people would have been devastated after such a horrendous injury. Jarvis refused to let it keep him down. He picked himself up and if he could not box he decided to help and to teach others.

After a fight with a boxer during a picnic, where he more than held his own, Jarvis decided to try boxing. He liked the sport right away. He fought his first amateur bout at the age of 21 and continued with another 40 more before turning pro.

With the money he earned as a boxer he bought his first house. Everything was going his way. He just fought Al Newman weeks before his accident.

Over the years Jarvis has had three gyms. He enjoys the challenge of helping boxers become better at their craft. He is also not beyond having a good time and stirring up controversy. He staged the first man/woman bout in history.

It has taken Mike Gavronski to get Jarvis back into the game. Sam Ditusa, Mike’s manager, contacted Jarvis to see if he would work with Gavronski. Jarvis was more than anxious. Gavronski is an up-and-coming super middleweight rapidly climbing the ranks. Jarvis has been helping him smooth some of the rough edges and getting him to slip more punches. “Mike has the one thing you can’t teach a boxer,” said Jarvis, “Guts! Everything else can be taught.”

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