Local Tacoma favorite Mike Gavronski (21-2-1) wanted to make a statement September 10 at the Battle of the Boat 107 after losing his last fight by knockout to Dashon Johnson. He did not want an easy comeback fight but wanted to fight the best fighter available. That boxer happened to be undefeated Australian champion Jake Carr (11-1-0).

Gavronski had locked himself up in a gym in Auston, Texas, for the last two months concentrating on the fight and on his career. The entire time has been spent in the ring, on roadwork and conditioning. Gavronski has not always been in the best of shape for his fights and often tires after the 5th round. He was determined not to make that mistake again.

The fight was a war from the beginning and Gavronski never looked better. He felt relaxed in the ring and never lost his cool but boxed confidently from the outside carefully looking for openings and firing when ready.

Carr is tough as nails and rocked Gavronski on several occasions. Gavronski continued to use his left to set up his right, his best punch. He swarmed over Carr in the 5th round and almost finished him then. Carr has a habit of dropping his left and in the 6th round Gavronski saw his opening and nailed him with three lightning rights, dropping him hard to the canvass. Carr managed to rise but never collected his head. Gavronski swarmed on him again and the fight was called at 1:57.

Everyone agreed – Gavronski is back.

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