Mike Gavronski (17-1-1 11KO) remains a crowd favorite. They love him and he loves them. Maurice Louishomme (8-2-1 4KO) didn’t love him when he put him on the canvas in round 2. Louishomme was repaying the favor since Gavronski had knocked him down just seconds before. Gavronski has a bad habit of sticking his chin out when he throws. If the habit is not corrected his career will be a short one. That would be a mistake since everyone wants to see him stick around for a while. He is a great guy, an exciting fighter, works hard, and is well liked. Louishomme is one tough fighter. His problem is coming from Colorado, not exactly the home of great fighters; therefore sparring with quality opponents is limited and the learning possibilities are few. He has the heart. Now he needs the Skills. He will have some time to think about his career since he is on suspension after Gavronski put him away at 2:22 of round 7. This was another exciting fight appreciated by all.

In a no skill thrill opener Omar Avelar (3-13-0 2KO) had his record drop near negative numbers as Sean Gee (1-0-0) won a unanimous decision in his pro debut. Crowds, always with the underdog, rooted Avelar on. Throwing a punch or scratching his nose made no difference, they were with him. But, keeping his hands low and unable to block any punches, not even a rotor-rooter could dig him from the hole he was in. Gee ate his share of punches. Neither fighter had a punch so they were not eating much. This was Gee’s first fight. Dressed mostly in arrogance, he was escorted to the ring with what appeared to be women. He might eventually grow into his ego. Only time will tell. For now he is all flash and no cash and, like the emperor’s new clothes, the arrogance is pretty transparent.

Daryl Gardner ((2-5-1 2KO) is a very entertaining two round fighter. He comes out throwing, a regular Mixmaster with arms flying like a drowning man. After two rounds he resembles a slab of beef waiting for the butcher. It is difficult to tell if he is always out of shape for a fight or if he is one of those people who naturally have no stamina. Jason Davis (12-10-2 2KO) came on in the last two rounds to manage a majority draw. If Gardner would learn to shorten his punches and get into shape he might have better results.

Ricardo Maldonado (4-3-0) and Andreas Reyes (3-0-0) are both true professional fighters having both technique and skill. What a joy to watch. In a close match Reyes took the unanimous decision. It is good to know that some boxers are actually learning the craft.

It seems Paul Mpendo (8-13-4 4KO) has been fighting forever. He looks well worn and possibly ready for a front-end alignment, if not new ball joints. He has tasted a lot of canvas over the years. He had another snack when Marcello Pineda (5-1-0 5KO) dropped him for the count at 2:51 of round 3. Mpendo started out fine and appeared to be winning the first two rounds. Pineda remained calm and relentless. Mpendo even looked good in the third, just before he took a walk in the park.

Formerly unbeaten Jeremy McCleary (6-0-1) faced his first real opponent in Marcello Gallardo (5-1-2 2KO) and came up short. Unlike Ginger Rogers, Gallardo refused to take a backward step. It was clear from the opening round that McCleary had his hands full. He also had his face full of Gallardo’s gloves. Gallardo was willing to pitch as long as McCleary was willing to catch. The human catcher’s mitt went down in the 3rd. It was not that McCleary was not game. He was baffled. His corner was unable to give him any hints to get him out of his predicament. McCleary has no punch so he could not dissuade Gallardo with power and Gallardo finally put him away at .19 of the 4th round. Good men - good fight.

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