A disappointing main event that gave the crowd narcolepsy did not diminish an otherwise fun night of boxing by 2Pounds Sports. The fights, supported by former world champion Stevie Forbes, are helping to return boxing to Portland. He hopes to eventually stage a fight every other month.
Steven Villalobos 9-0-1 8KOs VS Leonel Jimenez 5-23-1 4KOs
Predictable results anytime you put a 9-0 boxer against a 5-23 boxer caused murrmuring from the crowd , a few boos, and several walk-outs. The bout was a heavy bag workout as Villalobos chased Jimenez around the ring and punched him at will. Jimenez was content to armadillo up and take the punches without wasting any energy to fire back.
Andre Keys 7-1-0 3KOs (TKO) VS Somethonit Phoumuchack (0-3-0)
Keys was the most skilled boxer not he card although his opponent was not much. Phoumuchack at least put up a fight for several rounds before he went to his corner between rounds and decided he liked it there. He decided not to continue. Too bad. He could have made it a decent fight.
Juan Huerta Pro Debut (Split Decision) VS Blaiwas Eaglepipe 1-0-0
An interesting fight between two neophytes trying their best. Eaglepipe, a southpaw, although trying his best, was very inaccurate. Most of his right hooks hit air. He also ran all over the ring. He spent so much time dancing around he never planted his feet to throw a punch. Huerta was relentless. He threw so many punches he tired by the the 4th round.
Gerardo Esquivel Pro Debut VS Greg Cruz Pro Debut (win MD)
WOW! Fight of the night!! These two pro debut fighters showed more heart and skill in their bout than anyone else on the card. They both have an extensive amateur background but they already look like seasoned pros. They both came out like warriors, determined and tough. Neither man wanted to lose. Esquivel started to tire in the 2nd round. Round 3 was even with both men bouncing on and of the ropes. Round 4 was all-out war, toe-to-toe, glove-to-glove, heart-to-heart. In the end you wanted both men to win. Anytime you get one great fight on a card it was  money well spent.
Kevin Davila 1-7-2 (Win KO rd 3) VS Jesse Barich (0-4)
A fun bout to get the night started. Both men were awkward and game and fought to the best of their ability.

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